Banquet Menu $100

Sushi Platter
Kani Salad
Japanese Eel salad
Duck Appetizer
Surf & Turf Salad
Sesame Crusted Tunal
Eggplant Roll’s
Smoked Fish Assortment
Prosciutto with Roasted Pineapple
Assorted spicy marinated vegetables
Marinated mushrooms
Home fried potatoes with mushrooms
French crepes with red caviar
Seafood Platter in garlic sauce:
(Prons, Srimps, Mussels, Baby Clams, Stuffed Clams)

Khachapuri and Mushroom Julienne
Foie Gras over croissant
(fruit and raspberry sauce)
Fried Eel in garlic sauce or Trio “Prima” with grilled vegetables
(Chilean Sea Bass, Eel and Filet of Sole)
Duck L’Orange (stafed with apples) or
Baby Back Ribs with herbed couscous

Mixed grill: Assorted Shish kebab, Steak, Lamb chops
(with potato)
Coca-cola, mineral water, cranberry juice
French Creeps with Nutella and Ice Cream or Pastries
Assorted Fruits
Coffee and Tea (regular or decaf)
Vodka (1 bottle per 10 guests)
Red or white wine (1 bottle per 10 guests)